Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How to love jogging

Since I was 12 years old, I have been interested in jogging. Why? Thanks to my father. He often runs and won some important marathons and triatlons. For me, he has been like a hero, a strong man that I could be proud of. That is the reason why I decided to follow his example.

When I was 13 years old, I wanted to begin real training and competitions, therefore I joined a jogging club.
I trained 3 days a week during 5 years with girls who had the same age as me. They have become my friends but also my rivals for competitions.

At the same time,  I had a jogging class in my junior school I could continue my training and have great marks thanks to this class! For my final exam when I was 18 years old, I got 19/20 !!

Then, when I started my college, I slowed down my jogging activity. I had not a lot of free time...
I bought a jogging machine to continue my training without go out. It was less fun....


And now, running is my personal pleasure. I run twice a week with my father and my brother. I always run along a river close to my house. We have some amazing places in my suburbs to run! We sometimes go to Paris to run along "La Seine" : Paris' river.

These days, I am in Vancouver for a long period and I want to enjoy each jogging event, that's why I want to participate to the next BMO marathon in Vancouver... you can watch the ad and one article about that...

                                                                     BMO MARATHON


Tuesday, 5 June 2012


The STARBUCKS® RUN FOR WOMEN™ will pump you up for an incredible running experience. The event combines a world class keynote address from a Canadian Female Olympian followed by a 5K/10K + 1K girls run.

Join us to celebrate women across Canada and support girls around the world.

SAVE THE DATE: on June 9, 2012

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The most daring expedition: Tony Mangan's jogging trip

I added some links on my blog to give you an overall view of the jogging world. First, we are going to talk about Tony Mangan's blog => his running trip is very daring!

Visually, his blog is very attractive thanks to regular comments and a lot of pictures which illustrate his expeditions in Peru. He shows us all people that he met when he ran and he explains how they met. So we can read his racing steps, some stories like how did he meet people and we have also a vision of that thanks to his pictures.  There isn’t any video but I think it is not relevant for this type of blog. All the information given is enough to understand his jogging trip.
The blog’s content is very interesting because the runner, called Tony Mangan, writes and describes all his expedition with a lot of details (his comments are very long). He has established a map with all his expeditions to show us what he accomplished /done. He posts comments and articles 3 times a week or twice a week. His pictures allow us to run with him, to live his racings and I think his blog can convince some people to try to do not the same thing but a similar thing.

There are a lot of different links on his blog:
-          Advertisement links (running brands, sport nutrition…)

-          PayPal link to swift money for Tony in order to support his trip

-          Links to give some gifts

-          Articles links about him: to get information on his racing evolution (splits,

-          Tony’s other blogs link

-          Association links to help children around the world 

Theses links allow us to get more information about his trip in Peru, to have a better vision about jogging world.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Take your shoes => we are going to run !

I am Laetitia. I come from France and my main passion is .... jogging! Fortunately I like running because I eat a lot ... So, my first reason behind my passion is not to put on weight! This sport allows me to decompress, relax and keep health body! I began jogging when I was young. It was my sport during my leisure time. And now, I run between twice and four times a week. As I can't run anymore along Paris' river .... I will enjoy Stanley Park and other awesome places in Vancouver such as English Bay to put my shoes!